Akeikoi are an Ivory-Coast/French group who mix a Western style with West African inspiration without diluting either and creating their own style which we call "Afro-rock".  Most of the songs are sang in « Sénoufo », the language of a people from the north Ivory-Coast, to which all African members of the band belong.
Photo: Laurent Martinez

Antigone Foster - Antigone is an eclectic singer songwriter with over a decade of experience in jazz, pop, dance and world music. Her pop dance album 'AntigoneLand' was critically acclaimed when released in 2009 and followed a series of single releases with the Shapeshifters, Etherfox and [love] tattoo. Her longtime producer is Justin Shave, also represented by Annie Reed Music.
Photo: Claire Letitia Reynolds

Bedouin Jerry Can Band (BJB) are acclaimed semi-nomadic musicians, poets, storytellers and coffee grinders from the Egyptian Sinai desert who perform ancient Bedouin music on a cacophony of junk percussion and ancient lyres dating back to the times of the greatest Pharaohs.
"Ammo boxes make for great drums"... The Independent On Sunday
"Camels, Coffee and Beautiful girls"... London Evening Standard
Photo: Gareth Blake
Broadcaster -Dance musician Broadcaster received universal praise and play across BBC Radios 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6Music with his debut album Primary Transmission. “Brilliant” – The Daily Telegraph.  “Very special indeed’ – Radio 1.  His second album, ‘Folksploitation’, features the vocals of folk legend Peggy Seeger given the uniquely twisted Broadcaster treatment.
Photo: Kitty MacColl
Bulgarian Voice Angelite - a unique choir of 24 women, twice nominated for a 'Grammy' who have toured the world with their unusual, a cappella voices, of peculiar vocal timbre, shouting, stacking their voices to form audacious chords, suddenly 'glissandoing'; archaic sound-worlds from far-distant times; a marriage of avant guarde and the medieval. In 2010 the choir released the double CD "Legend" with Huun-Huur-Tu & Moscow Art Trio. Their current CD is "Angelina". Phil Collins recently wrote for them, the song "Transformation", featured on the soundtrack and DVD of Disney's "Brother Bear" hit movie.
Photo: JARO Medien

Charlie Hart - As a multi-instrumentalist he worked with Pete Brown, the beat poet and Cream lyricist, and with Ian Dury in Kilburn and the High Roads. Charlie went on to become a mainstay of Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance and recorded and toured with Eric Clapton, Alexis Korner, Charlie Watts , Chris Jagger and others. In 2004, he put together a Slim Chance line-up to back Paul Weller, Ronnie Wood and Pete Townshend at the Albert Hall. Charlie has produced African artists including Samba Mapangala and Orchestra Virunga, and  composed the music for Erica Russell's acclaimed animated films, including Feet of Song and Triangle, which was Oscar nominated.

Chris Jagger
"Very engaging"; "if the Faces or Pogues had been from Louisiana they would have sounded like this"; "this Jagger is a sly sharp songwriter"... Daily Telegraph
"Heir to to the throne left vacant by Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance"; "Channel Fever finds Jagger writing strong enough songs to make his brother jealous"...
Q Magazine
In late 2008, Chris finished recording a new solo album featuring such luminaries as Danny Thompson and John Etheridge. Currently recording a new set of songs with his band Atcha! out later 2011.
DENGUE FEVER - Their mashup of Cambodian rock, Afro grooves, surf, and garage psych has held fans captive for five albums and still thrills on their latest, The Deepest Lake, released on their own lable, TUK Records..  4 Stars from MOJO and rave reviews from NRP, Uncut, and Record Collector.  Widely recognized for their trademark blend of 60's Cambodian pop and psychedelic rock, Dengue Fever's latest release expands their musical palette to include Khmer rap, Latin grooves, Afro percussion, layered Stax-like horns and more. Their songs have appeared in filmes such as City of Ghosts, Jim Jarmusch's Broken Flowers, The Hangover 2, the Showtime weries Weeds, the HBO's hit series True Blood (which also named an entire episode after one of their songs), CBS' series CSI:Las Vegas and numerous independent documentaries.
Photo: Marc Walker

Dona Rosa, a middle aged blind lottery ticket seller who started from singing in the streets of Lisbon and ended up with a new quartet, performing on stages from Taipei, to Moscow and Los Angeles, onto WOMAD stages in Spain and England and appearing on live radio for Charlie Gillett.
Photo: Jaro

El Tanbura are a collective of veteran Egyptian master musicians, singers, fishermen and philosophers. For over twenty years the group have been custodians to some of Egypt's oldest folk melodies and resistance anthems. During 2011 their music has been at the forefront of the Egyptian Revolution through the band’s inspirational performances in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.
"Home-made entertainment with global appeal"... The Telegraph
Photo: Gareth Blake

Gilad Atzmon - is an internationally renowned composer, jazz musician and writer. He is known for fusing Middle eastern harmonies with be-bop, electronics and strings. He was born in Israel in 1963 and had his training at the Rubin Academy of Music, Jerusalem. As a multi-instrumentalist he plays Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxes, Clarinet and Flutes. His album ‘Exile’ was the BBC jazz album of the year in 2003. He has made 13 albums to date with 5 Star reviews in the Guardian for his latest collaboration with Robert Wyatt and Ros Stephen, 'For The Ghosts Within', plus a rave, 4* review (Guardian) for his recent solo album 'The Tide Has Changed'.
Photo: Tali Atzmon

Hazmat Modine - Pan-ethnic-roots blues from New York’s hippest club act.  The idea - to mix the roots of American music with various forms of world music to create an unusual, otherworldly sound.  So, you get the energy of a Romanian brass band, with blues, country, jazz, pop and soul of the 1920s and ’30s to the ’50s and ’60s meets Jamaican calypso, New Orleans R&B, swing, avant-garde jazz, Tuvan-Mongolian 
ballads and Middle Eastern fables.  The result is unique! In September 2015, Hazmat Modine releases their fourth album "Extra-Deluxe-Supreme", their most distinctive work yet. 
Photo: Ania Roz

Herederos De Federico García Lorca - Federico García Lorca, murdered during the Spanish Civil War, is the most beloved and influential of all modern poets. His reputation puts him as one of the greatest writers of the 20th century. Passionate, urgent, haunting and evocative, Lorca also wrote dramatic, modernist plays, many of which have been performed worldwide and are currently featured as part of the UK's 'A' Level Spanish curriculum. Annie Reed Music is honoured to represent the Lorca Estate on the Keith James and Rick Foot project 'Lorca'.
Image: With kind permission of Heredoeros De Federico García Lorca

Hermes Records was formed in early 2000 to produce and promote modern Iranian Music. It has a truly spellbinding catalogue of music, mostly instrumental, which lends itself well for film, documentaries etc. In spring 2006, Hermes, in conjunction with Songlines, produced the first ever British music magazine in Farsi! It was a popular success. The label also got a Grammy nomination in 2007 for one of its productions. Hermes releases are highly appreciated and well reviewed by the critics and considered as the ECM of the middle east.
Image: Courtesy of Songlines and Hermes Records

Iness Mezel is a singer songwriter whose style is a fearlessly modern blend of North African Amazigh music, with other styles that make up her complex identity, such as funk, soul and jazz.  «Iness Mezel an exotic blend of French, Italian and Berber blood, makes a  plausible play for far wider recognition on this, her vibrant 3rd solo album.  big, beaty highly combustible mix of North African rhythms, driving guitar  rock groove and Mezel’s own feisty vocals. » Peter Kane Q MAGAZINE  4****
Photo: Sabine Villiard

John Lenehan (classical) A versatile composer and arranger, John has written and recorded his own works as solo pianist for Sony and Classic FM, orchestrated for many projects (including “the King’s Lullaby” with the RPO, Christmas music with Angelika Kirschschlager and a CD for Nigel Kennedy with the ECO). He has also produced several educational pieces which have been published by Schotts, Music Sales and Faber and, in completely different vein, virtuoso piano parts for the Croatian cross-over pianist Maksim (including the immensely popular “New World Concerto”).

Julian Lloyd Webber (classical) World famous cellist, widely regarded as one of the most creative musicians of his generation, having collaborated with the likes of Yehudi Menuhin and Sir George Solti to Stephane Grappelli, Elton John and Cleo Laine. ARM controls Julian's works on the last album 'Unexpected Songs'.
Photo: Simon Fowler/EMI Classics

Julien Jacob - Originally from Benin and now based in France, composer, singer, writer, poet and spiritualist Julien Jacob has invented a new verbal language all of his own. His voice is deep and sonorous, his music is palpably African but also distinctly unlike any African music you've ever heard, full of original nuances, twists and the off-beat musings of a very rich imagination. (Andy Morgan)
Cover Photo: Courtesty of Wrasse Records

Justin Shave(electronica/film/advertisement composer) co-writer and co-producer on Darren Hayes's (Savage Garden) solo album 'This Delicate Thing We've Made', including the single in the UK Singles Charts - 'Me, myself and I'. Justin has composed many adverts for well known agencies and products such as Bacardi, KFC, AT&T, Toyota and Chrysler and has many of his past co-written house tracks on famous compilations such as Hed Kandi's 'Beach House' and 'Fat Boy Slim Live at Brighton Beach'.  He has collaborated with the likes of Shapeshifters, Fatboy Slim, Darren Hayes, Mutya Buena (ex-Sugarbabes), Cerrone, Antigone and Etherfox.
Photo: Jochen Braun
Kartik Seshadri - is a world renowned sitar virtuoso, composer, educator and foremost disciple of Pandit Ravi Shankar. Combining both his solo concerts and collaborations with major artists such as Philip Glass, Seshadri frequents major festivals and halls worldwide ranging from the Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Melbourne International Festival to the Dover Lane, ITC and Saptak Sammelans in India. His playing is marked for its expressive beauty, rich tonal sensibility and extraordinary rhythmic intricacy. His recent concerts and recordings have been cited as “sitar at its lyrical best”,world music Top Ten Album of the World (SonglinesUK) to “show stopper….mesmerizing performance” (Saptak).
Photo: Maata Studios, Hyderbad, India
Kathryn Williams began her recording career in 1998 with her self-released debut album "Dog Leap Stairs" a collection of songs which the NME pronounced "jaw-droppingly beautiful". Seven albums and one Mercury Music Prize nomination later, each of Kathryn's projects have been greeted with more press acclamation than the previous ones. Defying categorisation, Kathryn has undoubtedly secured a place as one of the UK's most accomplished songwriters and performers.
Photo: Tom Sheehan
Kenge Kenge - "Founded in 1990, Kenge Kenge (literally “fusion of small, exhilarating instruments”) occupy unusual middle ground between tradition and modernity.  The group includes electric bass and has the feel of a pop band on stage, but there are no guitars or keyboards.  That bass aside, all the instruments are indigenous, and the band wears local fabrics, furs and in the case of the nyatiti player, full bush regalia, all giving the feel of village celebration, rather than nightclub revelry. For all the visual dazzle of their stage show, Kenge Kenge’s strongest suit might be their vocal sound, a fine example of East African choral tradition—in tune, rhythmically sharp, full-bodied and warmly melodious".
Text Banning Eyre; see link for full text and photos
Photo: Eva Skalla
Lee 'Scratch' Perryis a living legend - the original pioneer of the reggae genre, inventor of Dub, producer of the first remix, etc. - a true original. As a writer, producer and artist his solo career spans five decades. His influence on the development of popular music is undeniable. 
Photo: © 2010 Steve Marshall
Lola Perrin is a composer pianist with an expressive piano sound that is a unique blend of classical, jazz and minimalism. Filmmakers from around the world make projections for Lola’s live performances; her music lends itself to imagery.  Lola has performed her music for 2, 4 & 6 pianos live at London’s Southbank Centre.  She works with cultural giants including writers Hanif Kureishi and Mihir Bose and Oscar winning actor Rolf Hoppe.  She is currently performing a seven date concert series devoted to her music in London. 

Marc Eagleton is a composer, producer and guitarist based in Spain & Berlin. He has worked on a great variety of projects and artists, RAI television soundtracks, the album Naked Spirit/Sainkho Namtchylak and with Ayub Ogada, Lokua Kanza, Dominic Miller and Natacha Atlas, to name a few. He has just composed the theme music for a new German TV program, “Kosmopolit”.  The first episode will be broadcast in September (2011) on RTL.

Martin Low - Formerly based in London and writing for advertising, Martin now lives with his family on the tiny island of Ulva off the west coast of Mull, on the west coast of Scotland. Martin keeps very busy composing for television and for theatre whilst his family's life on the tiny island fills up the rest of his time - daily life becomes incredibly hard during the short winter hours, especially when your quad bike breaks down! Martin collaborated with Martyn Bennett on 'Hardland' and their track 'Spree' is currently showing on 2 Strathmore Spring Water adverts for TV and cinema in Scotland. For more about 'Hardland' and to view the adverts, please see

Martyn Barker, musician composer and producer, joined Shriekback in the 80's and 7 albums and world tours followed. Martyn has also recorded with such artists as World Party, Joseph Arthur, Alain Bashung, Juliette Greco, Khaled and more recently, a project at Salif Keita's studio in Mali, and with Ray Davies, Fred and Ronan Keating. 2007 saw the album 'Monstrance' with Andy Partridge and Barry Andrews (XTC) and early 2008 sees "What Are You Doing Forever" with Paula Rae Gibson and a third album with Sarah Jane Morris.
Photo: Wiggy

Martyn Bennett - Scottish folk traditions mixed with the rhythms and technology of club culture were Martyn's signature sound. Sadly, Martyn's time with us was short; he died in January 2005 from Hodgkin's Lymphoma, after a long illness, but those short years were inspirational - In the words of Martyn himself, "all that matters, is what you do with the time you have." Martyn's collaboration with Martin Low on 'Hardland', can currently be heard on 2 Strathmore Spring Water adverts for TV and cinema in Scotland. To view the adverts, please see
Photo: BJ Stewart
Neil Sparkes - Vocalist, Percussionist, Composer and Producer Neil Sparkes doesn’t stop moving. Temple of Sound, Transglobal Underground and onwards Sparkes has performed on international stages across the globe creating innovative combinations of world music, jazz and dub. Sparkes music has been used by fashion designers, advertisers, feature film soundtracks and TV. As musician, composer and producer he has worked with Peter Gabriel, Natacha Atlas, The Stranglers, Jah Wobble, Los De Abajo, Batucada Sound Machine, Rizwan-Muazzam Qawwali, Adrian Sherwood, Hossam Ramzy and Linton Kwesi Johnson amongst many others. ARM is delighted to be representing Neil's new projects in the studio, live and for film.
Photo: Phil Houghton

OqueStrada - OqueStrada has renewed and changed the traditions of Portuguese music. For seven years, OqueStrada has been playing its crispy-fresh cosmopolitan swing around the clubs of Portugal, creating their own genre, the "Tasca Beat" - the corner cafe groove, a Portuguese blend of joie de vivre with a pinch of nostalgia. In 2012 the band performed alongside Seal and Ne-Yo at the Nobel Prize for Peace in Oslo. With their current album "Atlantic Beat - Mad'in Portugal" (2014), they celebrate Europe and open a window towards the Atlantic to allow Europe and Europeans to breath fresh air.
Photo: OqueStrada

Pam Chowhan (classical) piano/keyboards co-writer with Julian Lloyd Webber. Pam has performed with a very diverse range of musicians from Julian Lloyd Webber and Lesley Garrett to Squid (Asian Dub Foundation) and heavy metal vampyre band Symphony of Pain. She has been involved in all manner of musical arrangements. Pam combines her musical career with arts management at the Royal Festival Hall on London's South Bank.
Pete Downes - has rapidly become one of Europe's leading guitarists in the modern fusion and ambient genres. Already established on the jazz scene in the UK with his trio PD3 (Pete Downes Trio), his latest project 'Elements' with hang drummer Martyn Barker (see above), features ambient and world influenced acoustic music, an area in which Pete has shown himself to be a fine composer.  Music from 'Elements' is proving to be a hit for synchronization.  His album 'Mystery of Weather' with Steve Littler is a Contemporary instrumental fusion with ambient, dub and world influences: "Pink Floyd meet the Mad Professor and Santana and Jeff Beck join in.". Gordon Moore
Photo: Peter Bielecki

Rachelle Van Zanten plays her guitar like it was an extension of her body. As an exquisite singer-songwriter she pens infectious songs that swing between heavy blues riffs and fragile melodies with poetic lyrics and phrasing. With a stellar vocal ability and guitar-playing skills to match she is a powerhouse live, transforming international audiences and leaving them in awe and inspired.
Photo: Wendy Perry

Radiokijada - Gotan Project’s Christoph H. Müller and Peruvian percussionist Rodolfo Muñoz  have teamed up to create RADIOKIJADA, a unique musical adventure based upon Afro Peruvian rhythms and culture, a crossover of powerful percussion, strong melodies, deep basslines and contemporary production. Something  like  a spatiotemporal break somewhere between Lima and Paris, an improbable mix of Cuba and Fela which grabs your legs and blows your mind.
Photo: © Pascal Béjean & Nicholas Ledoux

Rango - Trance-inducing music from Sudanese mystic healing ceremonies, hip-quaking Nubian melodies and ritualistic tales of an Arabian Dracula - all played on a vintage 190-year-old Rango xylophone believed to be inhabited by ancient Sudani spirits.  A Top 40 hit in New Zealand, Rango’s Bride of the Zar album on 30IPS received coveted CD of the Year listings
in Songlines, Africa Review and SvD onsdag (Sweden). “Music that penetrates the bones like an X-ray”  Songlines -  Top of the World Album
Photo: Gareth Blake

Robert Vincent - the searingly honest Liverpool singer-songwriter who uses a mix of folk, rock, blues and country and he grew up in a house that rang to the sounds of Johnny Cash, The Beatles and Pink Floyd. In January 2013 Robert released his debut album "Life in Easy Steps". From beginning to end this album takes you through all of life's emotions, good bad and the in between, and you won't feel cheated by this labour of love. To quote James Blunt: "I really like the sound of Robert Vincent's voice and the craftmanship of his songwriting. I think he would be the perfect support for my show."
Photo: Rebecca Cresta

Ronan Browne - Irish Uilleann piper, film & television composer,
specialising in haunting evocative airs mixed with modern beats & soundscapes.  Original piper with Riverdance & Afro Celt Sound System. Ronan collaborated with Michael Kamen on the scores of 'The Dolphin Gift' and 'Circle of Friends' and has contributed music to the film soundtracks of 'Robin of Loxely', 'Rob Roy', 'The Secret of Roan Inish', 'Streets of Gold', 'Gangs of New York', the Irish language TV News theme and numerous Irish dramas. In 2011 he created the soundtrack for a short video welcoming US President Barrack Obama to Ireland.

Samba Mapangala - Samba Mapangala and his group Orchestre Virunga are one of the classic bands from Central and East Africa from the last 25 years. Known and loved throughout East Aftrica and beyond for his astounding voice, Samba creates an innovative mix of the best Congolese rumba and soukous with an earthier Kenyan style. This is music sure to get you dancing as the crowds at WOMAD 2007 in Charlton Park will tell you!
Siyaya - Colourful, climactic and bursting at the seams with energy, the Zimbabwean song, dance and drum troupe Siyaya sings music that uplifts the soul and cheers the heart. It's as much about the message as it is the groove they hit as they reinterpret traditiona l tales from their homeland and recast them for more modern times, always underscored by a rousing pan-African sound.
Steve Marshall - Singer/songwriter and 2X Grammy Nominee.“…voices like his deserve the respect…” Bob Jones & Soul Magazine. As a writer/producer he has worked with Lee Perry, Keith Richards & George Clinton, to name but a few. "...The abundance of natural soul is undeniable..." Bill Friskics-Warren, Washington Post. Through his own company, State of Emergency, Steve composes music for dance, theatre and film. In 2012 his score for Desert Crossings achieved critical acclaim. Marshall’s excitingly layered, infectious music remains a sensory pleasure.” Donald Hutera, The Times. In 2014 Steve got a track into the prestigious GTA playlist.
Photo: © 2015 Daniel Spencer
Steven Sogo - is the most promising singer to have emerged from the central African country of Burundi in years.  He sings about life, love and peace in a style that mixes traditional Burundian music with jazz, blues and pop.  He is one of the best African bass guitarist players and a master of numerous traditional instruments as IKEME, UMUDURI, INDONONGO, INANGA, IGONDERA, etc. His song 'Il Est Beau Mon Pays', a hymn to the beauty and vast human wealth of his ravaged country, was a huge pan-African hit. He lives in exile in US due to 2015 Burundi post-election crisis.
Photo: Kevin Yatarola

Sumeet Chopra is a British-born Composer, Music Producer & Recording Artist working on the cutting edge of the exploding Asian dance scene. He has done sound design work for Bollywood and created compositions for many artists including Johnny Kalsi, Natacha Atlas and The Panjabi Hit Squad. Sumeet is the composer of the music for the recent hit musical 'Britain’s Got Bhangra' whicfh was the winner of The People’s Favourite Musical at the Offies – The Off West End Awards (March 2011).  "Sumeet Chopra's score is a delight that brings the audience to its feet... not for the first time, Stratford East has given the British musical the kind of blood transfusion it urgently needs." 4 stars, The Guardian


Tata Dindin Jobarteh hails from an aristocratic line of Gambian 'Story-tellers' or'Griots'. Anyone attending the spectacular Circus Afrika! Afrika! at London’s O2 venue or in Germany and Switzerland will have witnessed this delightful artist & will surely have been moved by his soulful vocals & the haunting sounds of the Kora, the ‘African Harp’. Kanaké, Tata's second album, blends Classical Western, African & Arabic influences, whilst retaining it's traditional core values central to the existence of every Griot. Courtesy of Rita Ray/SAM Productions
Photo: Lamin Marenah

Terakaft - (meaning « caravan » in Tamasheq) is a genuine desert rock band, sculpted by the pure searing air and the endless rolling sands of the Sahara. The stark, harsh conditions of the Sahara have permeated their wild riffs, and as a result Terakaft are the perfect embodiment of all that is wild and free in desert blues today. They have taken the electric guitar and made it their own.
Photo: © Nadia Nid-El-Mourid

The Crayonettes - are Kathryn Williams and Anna Spencer. Kathryn is an acclaimed folk singer / song writer who was once nominated for the Mercury Music Prize; Anna was once a member of all girl punk 3 piece Delicate Vomit. Both were tired of the typically uninspiring children’s CD format so decided to do something about it. The end result was ‘Playing Out – Songs For Children & Robots’ a truly road-tested kid’s record that takes in everything from hip hop and electro to 50′s crooners with songs about toothpaste, sweets on the floor and pirates taking over buses.
Artwork: Courtesy of Sam Critchly/Caw Records/One Little Indian Records

The Tashi Lhunpo Monastery of Tibet was founded by the First Dalai Lama in 1447. Dawn till Dusk is a new album by the Tashi Lhunpo Monks for release in 2008 and features previously unrecorded chants and mantras from Monastery's rich heritage, passed down through the centuries via oral traditions from master to disciple. It was recorded on location in Tashi Lhunpo Monastery's Great Prayer Hall in Bylakuppe, India and includes a unique prayer
written by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
Photo: Gareth Blake

The Shin - The group members are well known even in their Georgian homeland, as leading composers and musicians. They have scripted pieces for productions at the Tbilisi State Theatre and numerous film, TV and radio projects. They use an unusual and highly non-traditional combination of archaic and modern, Caucasian and non-Caucasian instruments, elements of Georgian harmonies with diverse jazz threads. Their newest album, "Black Sea Fire" was released in 2009. With this CD they not only concentrated on Georgian culture but took a look at all the countries surrounding the Black Sea and referring to ancient mythology. Each country got its own piece of music on the CD. The Shin examines: Where are the differences and why do we have conflicts? Which points of our cultures are similar? What binds us together and makes us one 'Black-Sea-Culture?"
Photo: Juliana Voloz

The Unthanks - It’s hard to imagine a British folk band with fans such as members of Radiohead and Portishead, Robert Wyatt, Ben Folds, Elvis Costello, Rosanne Cash, Ryan Adams, Ewan McGregor and Nick Hornby, but The Unthanks occupy a unique place in music. Fronted by sisters Rachel and Becky Unthank, The Unthanks prefer to see folk as an ongoing unwritten history, rather than a style of music. Influenced as much by the minimalist eccentricity of Steve Reich, Antony & The Johnsons, Robert Wyatt and Miles Davis, as they
are by their Geordie native North East England, The Unthanks prove that staunch traditionalism and sonic adventure need not be opposites. Nominated for the Mercury Music Prize and present in the Best Albums of the Decade (worldwide, all genres) in The Guardian and Uncut.
Photo: Pip

Traditional Crossroads is a ground-breaking Audiophile World Music Label dedicated to releasing music of various cultures utilizing state-of-the-art recording technology and high-quality packaging. Founded in 1993 by Harold Hagopian, a classical record producer for RCA, Traditional Crossroads has built a wonderful catalogue of music from Afghanistan, Africa
- The Gambia & Senegal, Armenia, Bulgaria, China, Cuba, Eastern Europe, Georgian, Hungary/Gypsy, India, Iran, Ireland, Turkey as well as Jewish/Klezmer/Yiddish, Worldbeat - Fusion and Belly Dance recordings.
Transglobal Underground
Transglobal Underground - Generally accepted as the originators of the fusion of club and world music in the UK. TGU started out as a club act mixing Asian and oriental music into the grooves, achieving top 40 album success in the UK. While continuing a heavy touring schedule they also moved into production and remix work, worked extensively in Hungary and Egypt with local musicians, and had hits in Europe and the Middle East with artists such as Natacha Atlas, Hakim and Candan Ercetin. They’ve composed 3 film soundtracks, have had their music used on numerous adverts and TV programmes,  and won a BBC World Music Award for their last album, ‘Moonshout.’ Their latest album ‘The Stone Turntable’ is out now and their highly rated live performances will be continuing to fill clubs and festivals throughout 2011.
Photo: Mark Morreau

Warsaw Village Band - "When Polka and Techno go dancing"... Rheinische Post, Germany
Winner of the BBC World Music Award 2004; music for video game MYST 4. Early 2007 WVB worked on the soundtrack of Japanese Manga. Autumn 2007 they were the subject of one whole episode of the UK BBC2 series 'European Roots'. 2008 saw the WVB remix album 'Upmixing' featuring some of the best producers and DJs in Europe, followed shortly after by their 4th studio album 'Infinity', bringing their native folk traditions firmly into the 21st Century. In 2012, the Warsaw Village Band celebrated their 15th Jubliee with their current CD "Nord", an album examining the influence on Polish musical heritage, of music from the North, such as the musical traditions of the Inuits and Vikings.

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