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OCTOBER 1990 - JULY 2005

Annie Reed began her music publishing career in 1990, with the creation of the World Music publishing company, WOMAD Music Ltd, the music publishing arm of the WOMAD Festival organization and Real World Records. As its first recruit and long-standing lynch-pin of 15 years, Annie fought tirelessly in the early years to bring the more complex nature of traditional music and music from non-Western cultures, in line with the then very strict rules of the music rights collection societies. At the first WOMEX exhibition in Brussels, Annie sat on the 4-man publishing panel and gave a talk on the role of Publishing in relation to non-Western music.

With the arrival of Rob Bozas in 1995, Annie and Rob worked hard together to build up the catalogues of WOMAD Music and of the 2 other publishing companies, Real World Music Ltd (Peter Gabriel, the Afro Celt Sound System, Joseph Arthur to name a few) and Real World Works Ltd, a company dealing more with fusion music and with administration deals for record companies who did not have the time nor the knowledge to look after their own publishing affairs. She was also the main liaison with the Company's sub-publishers, EMI Music Publishing and twice a year travelled to New York to prepare the Peter Gabriel/Real World Music North American royalty statements with the Real World Music sub-publisher for North America, Lipservices. For many years, Annie was responsible for the twice yearly distributions for all three publishing companies and has an advanced knowledge of the UK industry standard royalty system, Counterpoint's Music Maestro.

October 2000, saw WOMAD Music celebrating its 10th Anniversary with a grand party at the nearby Grittleton Manor, attended by Peter Gabriel, Real World and WOMAD employees, as well as numerous artists and WOMAD Music's worldwide sub-publishers, EMI Music Publishing.

In the last five years Annie was delighted to see a huge growth in the use of their non-western music, especially in films and has worked with Rob to develop that side of the business. They were equally at home negotiating a Peter Gabriel track into a blockbuster movie or negotiating a track by the National Dance Company of Cambodia into a small documentary and derived equal pleasure from both. Below you will find a list of some of the films and well known TV series that Annie has been involved with (excluding Peter Gabriel only projects).

Over the years, Annie gained a reputation for very fair and honest dealings and no composer from their roster of over 500 composers chose to leave and move on and instead all elected to renew their contracts.

Her foreign language knowledge, primarily French and Spanish but also knowledge of Italian, Portuguese and Russian - which she has been learning at evening classes - together with her vast experience of dealing with different cultures and religions, has proved a valuable asset over the years.

In addition to her fulltime job as a music publisher, Annie has tour-managed 90 'World Music' artists on tours across America with headlining acts such as Peter Gabriel, Stereo MCs, Crowded House, Lenny Kravitz, Midnight Oil, Arrested Development, James, The Levellers and for many years compeered WOMAD Festivals in the UK, Spain and America. She compeered the Jazz/World Stage at the famous Glastonbury Festival in the UK from 2002 - 2004.


Glastonbury StageJULY 2005 - PRESENT DAY

On the July 15th 2005 Annie left Real World after a 15 year service, to start her own publishing administration business, something that she had been thinking about doing for a long time. She received encouragement from Real World and continued to maintain close links with the organisation.

Annie secured representation worldwide by continuing her relationship with EMI Music Publishing with whom she has worked closely since 1993; this is for the World excluding UK & Eire and the USA. She is extremely mindful of the need for representation in all major territories and is confident in her ability to interface well with EMI Music Publishing and is very happy with her relationship with the London office, through whom all copyrights are distributed worldwide and business done. In addition, with a view to tapping into the film, TV and advertising links of EMI Music in London, Annie has granted EMI Music UK the non-exclusive right to issue synchronisation licences in the UK & Eire.

In North America she is represented by Lipservices with whom she has built up a great working relationship during her twice-yearly visits to prepare Real World Music's North American royalties. Lipservices represented by Julie Lipsius, has a long background in music publishing and communicates on a regular basis with well known American TV shows and series, as well as the music supervisors for major Hollywood films.
In late August 2005 Annie was invited to attend the Sharq Taronalari music symposium in Samarkand, Uzbekistan where she gave a talk on Copyright and Music Publishing.

In Autumn 2006, Annie Reed Music Ltd was taken on by UK Trade & Investment on their Passport to Export programme which gave support for overseas travel to exhibitions, plus specific market research visits to LA and New York to further the Company's film connections. In October 2007 Annie was part of the AIM for America 2007 Music Trade Mission to New York; in 2009 and 2011, part of the BPI/UKTI synchronisation mission to LA which have resulted in some great placements, an article about the company in Music Week and in a Creative Industries Brochure supplement in Monocle Magazine, as well as lots of local PR courtesy of UKTI South West: 

ARM was also put forward by UKTI, to attend a Reception at 10, Downing Street where she met the then Prime Minister, Gordon Brown and his Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Lord Mandelson. On the administration front, ARM purchased Counterpoint's Music Maestro royalty accounting package which has enabled the Company to expand the administration and royalty side of the business.  Late 2010, we were pleased to announce that we were now working on the synchronisation side with Rob Bozas, as part of the Bozas International  associate initiative. Rob will be working with his contacts in Hollywood to help place songs from the ARM catalogue in Film, TV and Games. Rob and Annie began working together in 1995 so have a long history of working with composers/artists as well as synchronising copyrights into film and TV. 

ARM continues to work with Felt Music and is currently helping to deliver music for the World Music section of their new music production library.  Although still proud of their exciting catalogue of world music, ARM has opened up its catalogue to include, classical, folk, country and latterly hip-hop and popular contemporary music, in order to open up the opportunities for music placements.
Annie still maintains her friendship and links with the WOMAD organisation, working with them at their festivals in Abu Dhabi, Spain, Las Palmas and at their main UK festival at Charlton Park.  She has also enjoyed being part of the Bristol Music Foundation and doing some lecturing at BIMM (Bristol Institute of Modern Music).

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